Backpack Food Ministry at Parkview Free Methodist Church

The following is an outline of a presentation given about our food program.

God told us to feed the hungry.  So we’re offering food for kids in Primary School in Vandalia, IL

I. Who do we serve?

Chronically hungry children – not just hungry for a specific and limited time; at risk for hunger due to financial insecurity and thus not receiving the nutrition they need outside of the food provided by the school. Reasons varied – economic times, illness, education and experience levels of parents.

  1. A. “Can I have some more of that green stuff?”
  2. Other examples:
  • Rushing to the cafeteria line or showing up noticeable early for breakfast
  • Consistently cleaning their plate and not carelessly throwing portions away
  • Lingering around for seconds or asking others for their leftovers
  • Kids may be thin due to insufficient calories, but not always. Some obesity is caused by poor nutrition.
  • Kids or may not talk about it.

II. What do we do? What do backpacks look like?

The school identifies the need.  Identities are kept confidential.

  1. We provide bags full of food for weekends and out of school times.
  2. Shelf-stable, kid-friendly, nutritious, easy-to-prepare food.

III. How does it help?

Research conducted by the Center on Hunger and Poverty at Brandeis University found that

mild under-nutrition may lead to a reduction in physical growth and impaired brain function. It is widely reported that children who experience hunger have higher levels of chronic illness, anxiety depression, and behavior problems.

  1. Provides nutrition
  2. Eases their anxieties
  3. Reduces absenteeism
  4. Improves attention span. Feedback from teachers-students more alert.
  5. Raises academic performance
  6. Increases self-esteem

IV. Why the need?

  1. Poverty in county (15.1%) higher than both state (12.2%) and national (13.2%) averages.
  2. About half eligible for free and reduced lunches.
  3. Children have no control over how much food they have.
  4. Single working mothers not eligible for food stamps

V. Who are our partners?

  1. Unity Baptist Church
  2. Individual Donors
  3. Individual Sponsors – $7/wk per child 28.00 a month
  4. Sponsor 1 child for one school year is $250.00

VI. How can you help?

  • Donations
  • Prayer for the Kids and ministry for them.
  • Sponsor a particular sustainable food product, 8 month supply of Mac & Cheese, etc.  Contact Church for details
  • Money

Contact Info
Parkview Free Methodist Church
1507 W Jefferson Street, Vandalia, IL 62471
Phone #: 618-2813-0799
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Parkview Free Methodist Church

Parkview Free Methodist Church

Parkview Free Methodist Church