Our goal is to create a serious faith community where people can explore and experience God without pressure, and learn to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

Pastor John Glennon is the lead pastor at Parkview. He graduated from Central Christian College in McPherson, Kansas. He and his wife Kathy live in Vandalia and have served at Parkview for 9 years.

Inside Parkview FM Church
Everything we do is intentionally designed to reach out to 21st-century people like you, right where you are and to show you that God loves you and has a purpose for your life. We want you to know and to feel that no matter how stressed out you may be, no matter how many times you have failed, no matter how far you have fallen, God cares profoundly and wants to be part of your life — not just on Sunday mornings but every day of the week.

Our Vision & Purpose
Love God, Love People, More and Better!

Our Mission
The mission of the Parkview Free Methodist Church is to Love people with the love of Jesus Christ, to Liberate them from the bonds of sin and addiction, to Lead them into a real life walk with Jesus Christ as he gifted them to be, and then Launch them into the mission Christ called them to.

Our Connection
We are affiliated with the Free Methodist Church – USA

The Free Methodist Church is an evangelical Christian denomination, which has its origins in the Methodist movement as started by John Wesley. It has nearly 732,000 members worldwide in 82 nations. Light & Life magazine is the official publication. The Free Methodist Church World Ministries Center is in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Free Methodist churches have a wide variety of expressions and styles of churches, but each one believes in the Bible as God’s holy word, Jesus as the only means of salvation, and the Holy Spirit as the one who gives personal guidance and power for living a life that pleases God.

Parkview Free Methodist Church

Parkview Free Methodist Church